Hosting and Domain Names

If you do not have a web presence already you will need to pay for a company to host your site files on the web,
You will also need a name for your site that is unique and relevant to your web site purpose.
Domain names are overseen from an organisation called Nominet who keep records of all the unique names.
Domain name companies will arrange this for the web site owner and will remind them when renewal is due.
Hosting companies will store and display your site,
Sometimes they also arrange names as well.

Email addresses usually come with hosting packages but we can advise you on this.
We will arrange both hosting and domain names and will advise you on a good deal for you,
We supply written details of the hosting and options available.

So contact us with your idea and we will try our very best to accommodate you.


We use one hosting company LCN which we find very fast server and provide a very good service.

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